The Story of The Pablo brand

2020 a rough year for most with the Covid 19 pandemic, businesses going into liquidation, millions out of work you could say a complete mess!

2 friends used their downtime to follow a long time dream to launch a clothing brand, with the desire to bring back the actual design element to designer clothing.


Inspired by the Narcos culture The Pablo Clothing brand was born. 


In a time where the Narcos culture is on the rise with documentaries, multiple Netflix series and a general interest in this way of life, we have filled a gap in the market to bring you Pablo clothing by The Pablo brand ltd.


With three lines available on our debut launch, we not only bring you casual everyday sports wear, giving you a nice tight fitted garment  to work out in (Pablo sports). We also launch a range of high quality and stylish causal wear which will make you feel empowered on every occasion (Pablo clothing).

 Finally we wanted to add a bit of fun to the brand so we designed and created (The Pablo cartoon collection) using the same high-end materials as Pablo Clothing but with a dash of colour and  a bit of fun.

Alex Dixon Photography-197.jpg